Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Mile High Coworking Lease

1616 Federal Blvd



This Lease (“Lease”) is made as of _________________ between Mile High Coworking LLC, a Colorado limited liability company (hereinafter “Landlord”) and ______________________, a Colorado limited liability company or Corporation (hereinafter “Tenant”).  In consideration for the mutual promises covenants contained herein, and for other good and valuable consideration, the parties hereby agree as follows:


The Landlord leases to the Tenant, and the Tenant rents from the Landlord the following described premises:  1616 Federal Blvd, Suite ________, Denver, CO 80204 (the “Premises”).  In addition, Tenant shall have access to conference rooms and shared space with Suite _____ of the building in which the Premises is contained, in accordance with terms and provisions of this Lease.

  1. The term of the Lease starts on _______________ and ends on _______________. 
  1. This Lease supersedes any previous lease executed between Landlord and Tenant. 
  1. An Amount equal to $________ shall be held by Landlord during the term of the Lease as a security deposit. Tenant paid a security deposit to Landlord equal to $____________ on ___________ (when the first lease was signed).  Landlord shall retain or return any security deposit, as applicable, in accordance with Colorado law.  Checks should be mailed or delivered to Mile High Coworking, LLC at 1616 Federal Blvd., Denver, CO 80204. 
  1. During the term of the Lease, Tenant shall pay to Landlord monthly rent in the amount of $________. Rents are due on the first day of Tenant’s occupancy and every 30 days thereafter via ____________ 
  1. The Premises, per Exhibit A are rented “as is,” in current condition, and all warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed. Landlord makes no representations or warranties as to the suitability of the Premises for Tenant’s intended use.  Tenant shall not make any alterations, additions or improvements to the Premises without the prior consent of the Landlord. 
  1. During the Lease term, tenant agrees to keep and maintain the interior of the Premises in good condition at Tenant’s cost and expense. Landlord shall provide regular janitorial services that Tenant may require interior to the Premises, which shall include trash removal, floor cleaning, and cleaning surfaces, Monday through Friday. 
  1. Utilities are to be paid by the Landlord (including natural gas, water, electricity, and internet). 
  1. Tenant must carry their own Renters liability insurance and provide a copy to the Landlord.
  1. The Landlord will provide furnishings of ____ desk and _____ office chair(s) in the Premises. 
  1. Included in the lease rate is ___ credit hours per month for use of the conference rooms, which may be reserved through _____________________. 
  1. The Tenant shall comply with all rules, regulations, ordinances codes and laws of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction over the Premises. 
  1. Tenant will have access to the Premises 24/7 but will be limited to the “common” area due to potential special events. 
  1. Landlord welcomes friendly, well behaved dogs. Landlord is allowed to ban individual dogs deemed to decrease the quality of the general work environment. 
  1. The Tenant shall comply with all community rules that are determined by the Landlord and are publicly posted in the shared space. These include guidelines for the conference room, kitchen, and all shared space. 
  1. Premises hours are available between 8:30 and 5:30, Monday through Friday, when special events are not scheduled. There are certain days that Tenant will not have free access to the parking lot. 
  1. The Tenant agrees that if you are the last person on the Premises you must check all doors prior to leaving. 
  1. The Tenant shall not permit or engage in any activity that will affect an increase in the rate of insurance for the building in which the Premises is contained nor shall the Tenant permit or commit any nuisance thereon.
  1. The Tenant shall not sublet or assign the Premises nor allow any other person or business to us or occupy the Premises without the prior written consent of the Landlord, which consent may not be unreasonably withheld.
  1. Tenant shall be solely responsible for Tenant’s personal property and shall obtain any necessary personal property insurance. Landlord shall in no event be liable for the damage, destruction, removal or theft of Tenant’s personal property.
  1. Premises may be leased out for special events during Broncos home games. Each individual is responsible for their alcohol consumption on Premises.  
  1. Landlord and Landlord’s agents and employees shall not be liable for, and Tenant waives all claims for, damage to property sustained by Tenant, employees, agents or contractors, or any other person claiming through Tenant, resulting from any accident in or upon the Premises or the real property of which they shall be a part, including, but not limited to, claims for damage resulting from conditions or events that are not caused by the negligent, reckless or intentional conduct or inaction of Landlord, or conduct or inaction that otherwise results in a breach of a duty owed by Landlord. 
  1. At the end of the term or the earlier termination of this Lease, the Tenant shall surrender and deliver up the Premises in the same condition (subject to any additions, alteration or improvements, if any) as presently exists, reasonable wear and tear excluded.
  1. If Tenant voluntarily terminates the Lease before the end of the Term. Tenant shall forfeit the Security Deposit upon such termination.  Tenant shall remain responsible for Rent until the Premises are re-rented or until the Lease Term has expired.  Landlord shall use reasonable efforts to re-rent the Premises.
  1. Tenant will be allowed to relocate into another suite on the premise if mutually beneficial to both parties, by Landlord consent to not be unreasonably withheld. If Tenant relocates to another suite n the premise, this lease shall terminate at the time of signing the new lease. 
  1. Upon default in any term or condition of this Lease, the Landlord shall have the right to undertake any or all remedies permitted by Law, including, without limitation, the immediate termination of this Lease. 
  1. Landlord is subject to termination of the Lease by Hive Denver for reasons deemed to be to decrease the quality of the general work environment.
  1. In the event of any proceeding at law or in equity wherein either party, without being in default as to its covenants under the terms hereof, shall be required to commence any legal proceedings relating to the Premises and/or Tenant’s occupancy thereof and/or Tenant’s relation thereto, the prevailing party shall be awarded to and the other party shall be liable for and shall pay all costs and expenses incurred by the prevailing party, including reasonable attorneys’ fees. 

This Lease shall be binding upon, and inure to the benefit of, the parties, their heirs, successors, and assigns.